We help nations across the growth markets identify and seize the potential of blockchain

NextGen Chain

a decentralized blockchain protocol that transforms cross-chain interoperability, scalability, and security

Pink Panda network NextGen Chain aims to empower businesses and individuals globally with technology sovereignty and become the go-to blockchain platform for growth markets. It envisions a future in which blockchain technology has widespread adoption, leading to new opportunities to bring together people across the digital highway from the Atlantic to the Pacific.


Pink Panda network NextGen Chain offers a comprehensive solution that promotes transparency, trust, and security in emerging markets. This is backed by empirical evidence provided through research publications. Our mission is centered on satisfying the growing technological sovereignty needs within global markets.


The Big Idea

Digital highway across the growth markets that aims to enhance connectivity and sharing between countries, promoting collaboration and trade.

Almost one half (~49%)
of the estimated



boost to global GDP by blockchain
technology will come from the Growth
Markets of Asia, Africa and Latin America

The Problem We Solve

L1 Network

No infrastructure investments

Tooling already available

Easy access to liquidity

Slow performance

No support & SLA

Unpredictable costs

L2 Network

No infrastructure investments

Tooling already available

Easy access to liquidity

High performance

No support & SLA

Slow performance

Worse end-user experience


High performance

Predictable costs

Easy to access liquidity

Monthly infrastructure costs >$10,000++

No access to vendor tooling

Difficult to decentralize

No support & SLA


Network ready in a couple of clicks

Predictable costs

Hard to access liquidity

Low security because of centralization

No reaping of Web3 network effects

The Solution

+ Highly customizable

Consensus mechanism

  • IBFT PoA - validators in the network are voted in/out by existing validators (permissioned)
  • Set and change Block gas limit
  • Minimum transaction gas price (Zero transaction fees)
  • Possible to do PoA -> PoS switching
  • Key management options (Hashicorp Vault)
  • Permissioned smart contract deployment (WIP) crucial for developer marketplace

+ Security and privacy

  • NextGen Chain prioritizes security while acknowledging the significance of decentralization by implementing a permissioned public blockchain with Proof of Authority consensus.
  • The central foundation is a transparent governance structure that ensures maximum security without sacrificing efficiency

- Highly interoperable

Simple RPC API would enable easy intercommunication with any EVM based blockchain

  • NextGen Chain would enable gated access to global application with shared global security
  • EVM compatible
  • Can execute and deploy any smart-contract/transaction available on Ethereum mainnet
  • Plug-and-play with existing Ethereum tools: Solidity, Hardhat, ethers.js, web.js, Metamask, Remix,...
  • IBC Client would enable easy intercommunication with any blockchain

+ Highly scalable

  • Instant finality (IBFT)
  • Ability to add Base currency (similar to ETH) for e-money payments and validator incentives
  • Business Continuity as well as Backup and restore procedures are possible
  • Telemetry (Prometheus)
  • JSON-RPC API - conforms to the Ethereum client standards
  • gRPC - privileged node-operator commands (voting, monitoring, maintenance,...)
  • Libp2p instead of devp2p

The NextGen Chain Overview

Enhanced Scalability with IBFT 2.0

NextGen Chain employs the Istanbul Byzantine Fault Tolerant (IBFT) 2.0 consensus mechanism to enhance scalability and achieve instant finality, resulting in quicker transaction confirmations and a smooth user experience. This advanced approach also strengthens network security by tolerating up to (n-1)/3 faulty nodes.

Robust Consensus Integrity

The platform adopts a leader-based consensus algorithm that refines the proposal, preparation, commitment, and finalization stages. This algorithm maintains the blockchain’s integrity and security, providing a dependable foundation for various applications.

Transparent Validator Framework

NextGen Chain prides itself on its transparent and decentralized validator framework, which meticulously selects professional validators based on their expertise and credibility. Validators must stake stablecoin tokens, encouraging responsible conduct and preventing any single entity from dominating transaction approvals.

User-Friendly dApp Support

To promote the adoption of decentralized applications (dApps), NextGen Chain supplies user-friendly tools and interfaces. The platform presents comprehensive documentation, tutorials, and support to enable developers and users to effortlessly interact with the ecosystem and develop innovative dApps.

Community-Centric Governance

By adopting an interconnected governance model, NextGen Chain ensures that stakeholders are actively involved in decision-making processes. This strategy aligns the platform with the community’s needs and goals. NextGen Chain’s secure token economy encourages long-term holding and active participation, cultivating a prosperous ecosystem for all participants involved.

NextGen Chain Technology Stack and Layers

White Paper

You are invited to download our white paper on how to get the most out of Pink Panda network.

Our white paper will tell you everything you need to know about Pink Panda network, and how to use it.

Download White Paper


Discover the intricate details of Pink Panda network Token's financial design, distribution, and more. For a comprehensive breakdown, download our Tokenomics PDF.

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Our Competitive Advantage

Agile Dynamics tech helps businesses harness new technologies to achieve digital transformation and create differentiation by understanding how to apply technology in a practical business context.

Agile Dynamics tech

These companies include Chevron, Siemens, Saudi Telecom, Emirates Nuclear Energy, Aramco, Saudi Government, UAE Government, and United Nations just to name a few.

Our Clients

We have hosted the very first Web3 dedicated conference in Saudi Arabia, as well as events in Nigeria and Abu Dhabi with more on the way.

Our Community

Our team is a dynamic and diverse group, comprising consultants and Web3 developers, each driven by a common goal: building businesses by design and revolutionizing the blockchain industry.

Our Team


Decentralized finance

NextGen Chain enables the creation of decentralized financial applications operating on a peer-to-peer basis, eliminating intermediaries. This includes lending, trading, and investment applications.


NextGen Chain can be used to securely store and manage patient data, improving collaboration between healthcare providers and reducing the risk for fraud or errors. It can be used to also track medical device supply chains to ensure authentic, ethical sourcing.

Gaming & virtual economies

Secure, decentralized gaming, and virtual economies utilizing blockchain enable players to earn real-world value from in-game assets and currencies, fostering a more engaging gaming experience.


Developing a blockchain wallet and eSIM that utilize PoA and ZKPs to secure user identities, preventing roaming fraud and subscription identity fraud in the telecommunications industry. By leveraging NextGen technology, operators can authenticate user identities, monitor their activity, and manage subscriptions effectively.

Energy management

Decentralized energy management systems using blockchain optimize energy usage and minimize waste. For instance, solar and wind power blockchain-based systems can manage renewable energy distribution.

Digital identity management

NextGen Chain technology can establish a decentralized, tamper-proof digital identity system for verifying individuals’ or organizations' identities. It is especially helpful in industries like healthcare and finance.

Supply chain management

NextGen Chain can securely track and manage goods and raw materials in supply chains. Companies can use it to ensure ethical sourcing and to prevent counterfeit products.

Real estate

NextGen Chain technology can be used to streamline real estate transactions with transparent, secure buying and selling systems that reduce fraud risk, especially beneficial in regions where markets are opaque or corruption-prone.

NextGen Chain Ecosystem Structure


NextGen Chain achieves speed and finality by employing a permissioned model containing a maximum of 100 validators and IBFT 2.0 consensus.

Advisory board

Provide advice to the steering committee and help them with the design, implementation, and vision of the NextGen Chain. The Advisory Board is selected based upon their wisdom and experience they can offer to the Foundation.

Nextgen chain labs

Responsible for the development of the NextGen Chain and development tools, as well as tech research and development. In the lab offers a broad array of consulting services and helps businesses harness new technologies to achieve digital transformation and create differentiation by understanding how to apply technology in a practical business context.

The foundation

Acts as a governing body for real time decision making and is responsible for the growth of the platform. The NextGen Chain Foundation envisions a trust-free and distributed business ecosystem to enable transparent information flow, efficient collaboration, and high-speed value transferring.

The Roadmap

Research and development

(Q2 2023 – Q4 2023)

Analyse blockchain tech

Define NextGen Chain specs

Develop core features

Partner for innovation

Testnet launch & development

(Q1 2024 – Q3 2024)

Launch public testnet for feedback

Bug bounty for community

Partner with dApp developers

Mainnet launch & initial adoption

(Q4 2024 – Q1 2025)

Mainnet launch with validators

Integrate wallets and exchanges

Promote to developers and projects

Expand validator pool

Ecosystem growth & adoption

(Q2 2025 – Q3 2025)

Promote to developers and projects

Integrate with enterprise systems

Grow developer community

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